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“Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ!”

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FALL 2017

What is the School of Servant Leaders? It is the gathering of those that want to live as leaders for Christ (as in the weekend talk on leaders) in our homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, and all of our environments. We come together as a school of fish, to support one another as we move in the same direction.

The purpose of School of ServantLeaders is to help us grow in our relationships with Brother Jesus and each other, to help us in our journey of bringing His love to others, and to help us understand the methods of Cursillo better. We strive to build God’s kingdom on Earth.

School of Leaders is open to all Cursillistas, and we encourage everyone to attend.

Whether or not you want to be a team leader in Cursillo, we would love to have you join us - so we can all help each other continue to grow in His love.

This year, we our spiritual study will be based on understanding the rollo “Ideals” and how is my life aligned with what it teaches. The text will be “Cursillo Manual – The Joyful Proclamation of Being Christian”. The same manual we have been using.

Our technique study will be how to write the rollo “Ideals”, finding your example and how to begin.

Come, join the discussion and grow with us, together we can “bloom where we are planted”.








Join us at Leader's school-- a great way to build community with other Cursillestas!

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